Virnus (Veer-Noose)

Local underground EDM DJ from Saint Louis. I own/operate BASS SLUT PRODUCTIONS of STL. If you would like my toons and latest info on whats going on, add BASS SLUT PRODUCTIONS on facebook. Or visit the official website at

Otherwise, I am openly nerd. I use the force. I like anime of all sorts. A ton of music variety, from dance to the most extreme metalz. Geeky in the ways of the computer and technology. In a nutshell, inappropriate, brash, loud, and brutally honest. Im also partially deaf. Anything else will be worn on my sleeve and if need be can be asked about.

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Nuff said bitches.

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Nuff said bitches.

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Unintelligible english

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Unintelligible english

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School closings

They should happen more for college. I mean, pffft, they already got all my motherfuckin money anyways? Half of the students in my classes are not going to show up, and most instructors live fairly far away from campus. 

Why dont we all just settle this the proper way? Go home and sleep, then we can just all show up to next class and get on with it?

Cause this driving around while its snowing, and finding places to sleep is getting pretty lame. 

Missouri - Most schools closed already - 30 degrees - snow predicted all day.

WTF am I doing on campus driving a ford focus…

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